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Bay Area Shredding Reviews

What did you like best about working with Bay Area Shredding?

The following are customer reviews from research conducted by an independent survey company.

Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

“I could communicate with them back and forth through email. The appointment was based on my needs. Overall, I got great customer service from them.” -S.L.S.O.

“It was easy to coordinate the pick-up. The two guys who came out were very pleasant. They were the cheapest service of all the ones I called.” -H.F.C.

“When I call they are always able to be there.” -L.O.J.C.

“They were very quick to respond. We were moving locations and had a ton of stuff to shred. We could call them ten minutes before closing, and they would have another bin out there for us the next morning. They were very cordial and very considerate. It was a very good experience.” -M.T.

“They had a big truck. They were able to accommodate additional papers we needed to have shredded once they arrived.” -M.M.

“In my interaction with them and they were just incredible in all aspects.” -P.T.S.

“Karl came out personally and looked over everything. He spoke with me, let me know what the plan was, and he didn’t ignore me. He made all of the arrangements, which showed he cared. The two people that they sent out were cordial and nice. They didn’t just come in and grab things, they also communicated what they were doing. They treated us like people.” -R.L.L.C.

“I liked that they were organized, they arrived on time, and they did what they needed to do.” -S.A.P.H.

“Their promptness” -W.P.E.B.

“They were very helpful and nice during a difficult time.” -Cathlene T.

“Ease and convenience. There were a few questions they asked to put me in their system, then they took my paper and shredded it.” -Charles S.

“I knew it was going to be safe and not wind up in a landfill. It made me feel confident.” -Grant E.

“Their workers were professional. They were very efficient and quick. They shredded while we were there. They didn’t stand around doing nothing.” -G.L.

“They are reliable. They are here when they say they will be. They are efficient, in and out. They have good, pleasant employees.” -N.C.

“Ease of use” -C M.

“Great customer service, they were very friendly and they went out of their way to help.” -J H.

“They were able to give me pricing over the phone, which was very helpful. We had a big job that was upstairs. They were able to do all of the work going up and down the stairs, which made our job easier.” -A.S.

“They came on site, they picked everything up, and their price was good.” -C.R.E.L.I.

“Efficiency” -C.C.

“Their customer service, they called me to make sure everything was okay.” -D.C.M.

“Their price was very good. They came when they said they would.” -R.M.I.

“Karl came out and did the walk through. He was very helpful.” -U.S.O.M.

“I liked the convenience of the onsite pickup, and the pricing is good.” -W.A.

“They were very accommodating. Once I got a hold of the right guy, he bent over backwards to take care of me.” -N.M.

“Their customer service and their willingness to work with me, they go the extra mile if they need to. They are competitive with the outside market. Their service is fine. They provide everything I need.” —A.C.

“They are here when they say they will be. They are just very reliable.” —A.L.

“Their responsiveness when I call, I am able to get a hold of the owner or my service representative. When I need a pick-up right away, they never say no to me. Every time I call, they come the same day or the next day. The driver is always friendly and cordial. They are really good. I am just completely satisfied with them. They are loyal to us and we will always be loyal to them.” —A.P.

“They came and did what they needed to do.” —B.M.W.L.P.

“They are dependable.” —B.A.R.M.

“They showed up on time.” —B.C.

“They are convenient and located near us.” —C.H.P.

“They get the job done quickly and efficiently.” —C.M.C.

“They are easy to deal with and reliable.” —C.S.C.

“They were prompt and efficient. They did what was required.” —C.O.L.

“When we call, they come over as soon as they can.” —D.H.

“They are very efficient and accommodating. They are here on time every six weeks. They are very pleasant. When I call and there is a problem, such as needing additional containers, they handle the request without a problem.” —D.O.H.S.

“The drivers are always friendly.” —F.N.

“They were prompt and very professional when they came in.” —F.B.

“They have good attitudes. They are very personable.” —C.N.

“They are prompt and courteous. They wait for us if we have clients in the room.” —J.O.

“They are proactive. Customer satisfaction is important to them. They always take immediate action.” —N.A.

“They always do their best to make us happy.” —G.A.

“Their prices were reasonable. They were prompt and friendly.” —G.B.S.

“They are very flexible and dependable.” —G.B.E.C.

“We have been using them for years. They always come in every week. We don’t have to remind them to pick-up. They do a good job.” —H.S.

“They are efficient, polite, courteous, and thorough.” —I.W.

“They came to my office. They made me feel really good about their service when we set everything up.” —J.S.

“Their promptness, and they were reliable and clean. They were also in and out.” —J.M.C.

“They come when they say they are going to. They are reliable. They service our needs just fine.” —K.N.

“The guys that load and unload are courteous and wonderful.” —L.P.

“They are always pleasant when they call to get the count. When they drop-off or pick-up, they are very professional.” —L.I.P.

“I have been referring them. They handle confidentiality well. I just like everything about them.” —L.O.R.F.

“They are on time and they accommodate us. I call for a pick-up and they come and pick it up.” —L.P.

“They were responsive and quick. They were good.” —L. K.

“They came and picked up as they were supposed to.” —L.T.

“Their friendliness” —M.C.A.M.H.

“They were just nice, courteous, and professional.” —Mario P.

“Their timely pick-up” —M.C.C.

“They came when they said they would. They were efficient with performing the duties that we needed.” —M.B.

“They are on time. They show up when they say they are going to. They are doing a very good job for me.” —M.P.S.

“Pretty much everything, they were absolutely on time. Everything was taken care of really quickly.” —M.P.

“Their flexibility, this past year we had quite a lot of movement in our office. They were flexible with picking up bins and bringing extra bins to accommodate us.” —M.V.

“Their service, whenever we need anything, they are there. They are very accommodating. They are able to switch days or times on a day’s notice if weather will be a problem. We use them all year.” —O.C.

“They are reliable, which is really important. Their billing is straightforward and easy to understand.” —O.O.

“They are very professional and courteous.” —P.A.M.F.S.C.

“They came here and we didn’t have to bring anything to them. They were good.” —P.Y.P.

“It is a pretty easy process for me. I just have to call in and they pick it up.” —P.P.

“They always come when I tell them to. They pick-up at a specific hour. They are pretty good about that.” —P.X.

“I like that every time I call, I speak to the President of Sales, Carl Johnson. Everything I ask seems to be treated as a priority.” —Q.S.M.I.

“They do what they are supposed to do. In fact, I will be calling them again soon.” —Q.B.S.

“Itís such a simple process.” —Robert M.

“They come, take our bins, and give us new bins. They do a fine job. I like that they show up and that they are always polite. We are really happy with them.” —S.F.C.U.

“Everything about them is great.” —S.N.

“When I call them for a paper pick-up, they are always available.” —S.C.E.

“They are on time all the time.” —T.M.

“They are a nice group of people. They take instructions well.” —C.J.C.

“They are prompt. They show up when they say they will. I have always had a good rapport with the people that represent them. On special projects that we have had, they have always been able to accommodate anything that we need. They do their job quite well.” —C.D.C.S.S.

“I like that they pick-up my paper for recycling, instead of it going in the waste stream.” —C.G.

“They always come when we need them to. They are helpful on the phone and they are here when they are supposed to be.” —C.B.

“They are very dependable.” —Davis L.

“Friendly guys, and they are in and out really fast.” —F.B.

“They did what they were supposed to do in a timely basis.” —G.W.S.

“They do their job.” —I.D.

“They come when they say they will. They are efficient and on time.” —J.H.P.

“Promptness, they did what I needed.” —K.P.

“They pick-up on schedule.” —L.C.

“They show up and take our recycling, itís the reliability and effectiveness.” —M.C.D.H.H.S.

“Consistency” —M.M.

“Consistency with their pick-ups, for what they do, I think they do a great job.” —M.L.

“The timeliness of their service, the quality of the people that actually service our account, and the customer service before and after the recycling and shredding services” —O.S.C.

“They are helpful. When I ask questions, they provide answers or direct me to the party that can give me an answer.” —P.M.F.C.

“They are very responsive when we have an extra pick-up. They are quick with the pick-ups and they schedule to our convenience. We are very satisfied with their service.” —Sarah T.

“They come and get all of our junk.” —S.C.D.A.

“They do what I need. They perform the service as requested.” —W.G.A.L.

“Their consistency, they take care of business.” —B.M.

“I had a little request and they took care of it right away.” —C.N.M.

“They come in and do their job. If there is anything extra that is out of the ordinary and was not called in, they will accommodate us. The service is excellent.” —D.T.

“They are really nice people.” —F.B.

“They are great and so friendly.” —F.L.

“They provided the service with no glitches. It worked so seamlessly that we were hardly aware it was happening.” —M.C.W.H.S.

“The geographic location, they are near our facility.” —N.J.

“They were very professional and very neat.” —N.B.I.

“They come out on time.” —O.F.B.

“Their customer service, one of the guys who comes out is great. I don’t know his name.” —P.D.

“They are quick. The staff that comes out here is very personable. Their courtesy, and they are very polite to the people who have to use the areas where they park their trucks.” —P.A.M.F.

“I have a great working relationship with our contact person, Karl Johnson. He is very responsive.”

“They do what I ask them to do. They have a good service. I don’t have to pay much to get rid of recycled items.” —P.L.

“They show up when they need to. If we ask them to come outside of their schedule, they do it without complaint.” —P.S.I.

“Responsiveness to service” —S.C.D.C.S.

“They pick it up on time.” —S.U.

“They are very nice people.” —W.T.P.

“They are very friendly. They do what they are supposed to do.” —S. S.

“Our company has been using them for a long time. They are professional.” —A.X.T.

“Their efficiency” —F.B.

“Quick pick-up” —G.K.

“They are reliable.” —I.N.

“They are dependable and they are here when they are supposed to be. They adhere to our working hours.” —M.M.C.

“The price” —P.W.F.

“They took care of things quickly.” —A.U.

“Competitive price” —S.M.C.I.

“They do what they are supposed to do.” —A.I.


+These are all verbatim reviews from an independent customer survey. Contact Us Today!

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